COBB gas grill → Find the best and cheapest one for your needs [GUIDE] (2023)

COBB gas grill → Find the best and cheapest one for your needs [GUIDE] (1)


  • 1 COBB Premier Gas Grill – High quality portable gas grill
  • 2 Option to eat varied
  • 3 Accessories for COBB Premier Gas - keep an eye out for offers
  • 4 Origin of COBB
  • 5 Buy your COBB gas grill - Get fast delivery and great deals
  • 6 Rounding off our COBB gas grill guide

There are really, really many of us who love to grill. The food just tastes better, and it's almost impossible not to have a nice time around the grill while you wait for the food to be ready.

In the past, you couldn't grill outside the garden without it involving a boring acquaintance with the unaccountable disposable grills - fortunately that time is over now. We go in-depth with a COBB gas grill test, so you can find the perfect one for you and your family's needs. With a gas grill from COBB, you can take your grill with you everywhere and still have all the advantages of a gas grill.

We have looked at the transportable gas grill from COBB - read along here and learn much more about what it can do. Perhaps you find out along the way that it is exactly the kind of grill you have been looking for. If you are looking for other types of gas grills, then also read our complete selectionGas grill guide here.

COBB Premier Gas Grill – High quality portable gas grill

COBB gas grill → Find the best and cheapest one for your needs [GUIDE] (2)→ Seen at for DKK 1,911.

→ Seen at for DKK 1,911.

→ Seen at for DKK 1,949.

The COBB model that we would like to highlight here is called COBB Premier Gas, and it can therefore be acquired for the tidy sum of DKK 1,449. Keep in mind, a disposable grill is significantly cheaper, but the two things cannot be compared at all.

This model in our COBB gas grill test is incredibly easy to carry with you, it is easy to use, and so you get an absolutely superb preparation of your food - even if you are sitting on the beach or at the campsite.

This portable gas grill is of course not as big as the grill you have standing in the garden. However, there is still plenty of space, and you can easily grill a whole roast or chicken, if that's what the menu says. At the same time, it weighs only a modest 4 kg, is 30 cm high and 30 cm wide.

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This model from our COBB gas grill test is made of brushed and stainless steel, and that way you don't skimp on exclusive-looking equipment - not even when you're on an excursion. When you're done grilling and you get home, you can throw all the stainless parts straight into the dishwasher, which saves you a lot of time.

In addition, the Premier Gas grill does not get hot on the outside, which is one of our absolute favorite features of the grill. It does not get hot because the grill is designed so that the heat source is small and isolated in the middle of the grill and then surrounded by a thick and insulated bowl. So you don't have to be afraid of having children or animals around the grill; there is no danger of someone burning themselves, and you can therefore easily move the grill around while it is on. With all those advantages, the price of this COBB gas grill is an offer you shouldn't say no to if you need a portable gas grill.

Economical gas consumption

Another absolutely essential advantage of this model from our COBB gas grill test is the fact that it runs on gas cans. So you don't even have to carry a small gas bottle with you when you go on a trip, as is the case with other portable grills from other manufacturers.

On one gas can, you can grill for a full three hours straight before you even have to start worrying about changing the can. And should you run out, keep an eye out for offers for your COBB gas grill, as they will regularly appear online and in hardware stores - so you can save a lot of money, even if they are not particularly expensive in advance.

If you would like to have a longer burning time on your grill, don't worry - there is an option for that too. You can easily connect the COBB grill to an ordinary gas cylinder. It just requires that you buy an adapter and a regulator, and then you have a portable grill with a much longer burning time.

Option to eat varied

Even if you invest in a small, portable grill like this one from our COBB gas grill test, that doesn't mean you have to settle for grilled sausages with cold potato salad. As previously mentioned, there is plenty of space to cook for the whole family, and you can fry both meat and vegetables at the same time.

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If you are grilling your various elements at the same time, it is an advantage to have the meat in the middle, where the heat source is, and then cook the accessories out to the sides - they should probably get plenty of heat.

Accessories for COBB Premier Gas - keep an eye out for offers

As if the grill wasn't enough in itself, you get a number of accessories when you invest in the grill. Specifically, it is a lifting fork, a grill plate, the lid and the insulated inner bowl.

If you are interested, you can also purchase a cover for your grill as well as a practical bag, which makes it even easier to take the grill around with you.

Furthermore, COBB is also behind a smart lid holder, which allows you to have free hands when you have to turn the meat or when you have to serve your grilled delicacies to the guests. In short, you can quickly raise it a level or two, so keep an eye out for any offers for your COBB gas grill so you can make a bargain


An invention as unique as the COBB grill did not appear overnight, of course. The COBB grill has its roots in South Africa, where the goal was to make an efficient, safe and portable grill that didn't need a lot of kindling material; the material it used was dried corn on the cob.

With a COBB grill, you don't just get a brilliant grill; you also get a grill with a history unlike any other.

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Buy your COBB gas grill - Get fast delivery and great offers

At present, there are few people who can doubt that this model in our COBB gas grill test is a sensible and good purchase, which ensures many pleasant hours and very delicious food.

The various retailers are all large, established webshops with space for a great many items in stock. This means that they can usually ensure a super-fast delivery, but at the same time there will often be offers on their products - including this COBB gas grill from the test.

When you shop with them, you always get help to remember everything in the first order. When you look at the COBB Premier Gas grill, for example, they often also suggest the most obvious additions on the same page; in this case cover for the grill, transport bag and lid holder. That way, you don't have to do much other than deciding what you want to bring.

Rounding off our COBB gas grill guide

Let's just summarize before we wrap things up. With this COBB Premier Gas grill, you get a cheap, portable, high-quality grill. It runs on small and practical gas canisters, which give you great freedom in your cooking. The grill is small and light, but you still have the opportunity to cook for the whole family or circle of friends.

With this model in our COBB gas grill test, you get it all without having to compromise - and then it's just a matter of switching on.

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COBB gas grill → Find the best and cheapest one for your needs [GUIDE] (3)


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What is the difference between Cobb Premier and Cobb Pro? ›

Our most popular products to date have been the Cobb Premier and Cobb Pro, being that they are also the products to have been in our range for the longest, this is no surprise. The Cobb Premier holds a stainless steel finish as opposed to the Cobb Pro with a mild steel base. The Pro comes standard in Black.

Is the Cobb BBQ any good? ›

While it's true that the Cobb isn't the best choice for direct grilling over coals, the ridged griddle plate attachment does produce very satisfying results. It has a non stick surface and is designed to maintain a hotter surface temperature making it an ideal griddle for fast searing steaks.

How much should I spend on a gas grill? ›

'You can find decent gas grills for around $200 to $300, but if you want something high-end, you can expect to pay anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000 or more,' explains Jakob Miller, grilling expert and founder of Barbecue Pals.

How do I find the perfect grill? ›

A large grill with a high BTU rating cooks at a similar temperature as a smaller grill with a lower BTU. The ability of a grill to reach and sustain cooking temperature is more critical than how hot it can get. To ensure the best cooking performance, look for infrared burners that help to seal in juices.

What fuel can you use in a Cobb? ›

The COBB was designed to use charcoal briquettes or lump charcoal. Using quality hardwood or competition style briquettes are top of our list to ensure a blissful cooking experience. Looking for something recycled, eco-friendly and 100% natural? Consider using COBB's coconut shell briquettes available here.

What is the best fuel for Cobb BBQ? ›

You can use the innovative Cobb Cobblestones, or standard charcoal briquettes. The Cobblestones are a great fuel for the Cobb BBQ. Once lit, they are ready to cook on in around four minutes and will last around two hours. Just one Cobblestone is enough for one cooking session.

What BBQ does Bobby Flay use? ›

Nowadays, Flay cooks outdoors with a classic kettle-style charcoal grill and a dedicated smoker, and his recipe repertoire has expanded to include BBQ classics like slow-cooked pork shoulder and smoked whole chicken.

What is the difference between Cobb Premier and Supreme? ›

Cobb Supreme Includes Carry Bag & Roast Rack:

80% Bigger than the Cobb Premier, the Cobb Supreme easily caters for larger groups. – Caters for a group of up to 10 people. – The Cobb Supreme is simply more sociable, cooking up to 3 chickens and vegetables simultaneously.

What is the lifespan of a gas grill? ›

Average Gas Grill Lifespan

The average American replaces their grill every three years. However, routine maintenance and timely repairs can extend that lifespan by many years. Business Insider says proper cleaning and care can keep a gas grill in peak operating condition for 5 to 15 years.

How many BTUs should a good gas grill have? ›

The best grills offer approximately 110 BTUs per square inch, but—depending on the size as well as several other factors (see the following section)—anywhere from 80 to 100 BTUs per square inch can be more than sufficient for backyard grilling.

How do you choose a gas grill? ›

Other factors like size, heat distribution, and retention give a better assessment of a gas grill's performance. For a large grill, you'll need more than one gas burner for even heat distribution, but pay attention to the direction they run. Some run from left to right while others run from front to back.

What features should I look for in a grill? ›

Large grills have the biggest cooking surfaces. The higher-end models boast the highest-grade stainless steel and seamless construction, thicker grates, gliding drawers, extra storage space, and better-quality burners (plus, more of them). These grills often come with a lengthier warranty.

Should you grill on top or bottom? ›

The vent on the bottom of the basin controls how much oxygen gets inside the grill, while the vent on the top determines how much heat exits the grill. Even when you're grilling with the lid off, you need to think about the bottom vent.

What is the healthiest type of grill? ›

Gas grills

A 2020 survey by the Hearth, Patio and Barbecue Association showed that among U.S. grill owners, 61% owned at least one gas grill. And that is a big plus, because research has shown that grilling with gas is thought to be safer than grilling over charcoal, according to Healthline.

What is a Cobb Premier? ›

Our most popular product to date has been the COBB Premier. The COBB Premier holds a stainless-steel finish providing a great cooking experience. Distinctive stainless steel design that is built to last. Easy to clean – all stainless steel parts are dishwasher safe. Made from high grade hygienic stainless steel.

What is a Cobb Pro? ›

The COBB Pro is fitted with a mild-steel, stylish base and can do everything the COBB Premier can do! This nifty outdoor cooker is perfect for those who like to be different.

Can a Cobb go in the dishwasher? ›

The Cobb is dishwasher safe (excluding base). The dome, grill grid, fire basket, steel bowl and all the accessories can all be placed in the dishwasher. The outer base does not collect a lot of dirt and can be easily wiped down with a damp soapy cloth.


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